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摘要:摘要利用液化天然气(LNG)气化时释放的冷能,结合文献报道的3种LNG轻烃回收工艺,提出了一种新工艺。使用HYSYS模拟软件,热力学方法选用P-R状态方程,对新工艺进行了敏感性分析,确定了最优闪蒸塔入口温度为-105℃、脱甲烷塔塔顶压力为2800 kPa、脱乙烷塔塔顶压力为2000 kP..

关键词:LNG 回收 工艺 设计 分析
摘要利用液化天然气(LNG)气化时释放的冷能,结合文献报道的3种LNG轻烃回收工艺,提出了一种新工艺。使用HYSYS模拟软件,热力学方法选用P-R状态方程,对新工艺进行了敏感性分析,确定了最优闪蒸塔入口温度为-105℃、脱甲烷塔塔顶压力为2800 kPa、脱乙烷塔塔顶压力为2000 kPa。通过对比,发现新工艺在甲烷产量、乙烷回收率和设备(火用)分析等方面具有一定优势。Combined with three LNG light hydrocarbon recovery processes reported in the literature,a new process using the cold energy released during the vaporization of liquefied natural gas(LNG) was proposed.Using HYSYS simulation software and P-R state equation for thermodynamic method,sensitivity analysis of the new process was carried out.The optimal inlet temperature of flash column,the top pressure of demethanizer and the top pressure of deethanizer are determined to be -105 ℃,2800 kPa and 2000 kPa,respectively.Through comparison,it is found that the new process has certain advantages in methane production,ethane recovery and equipment exergy analysis.
作者邓志安 李莉 胡永群 付智豪 刘博华DENG Zhian;LI Li;HU Yongqun;FU Zhihao;LIU Bohua(School of Petroleum Engineering,Xi’an Shiyou University,Xi’an 710065,Shaanxi,China;Engineering Research Center of Safety and Energy Saving in Oil&Gas Storage and Transportation,Universities of Shaanxi Province,Xi’an Shiyou University,Xi’an 710065,Shaanxi,China)
出处《低碳化学与化工》 CAS 北大核心 2023年第4期176-182,共7页Low-Carbon Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
关键词LNG 轻烃回收 甲烷产量 乙烷回收率 (火用)分析 HYSYSLNG light hydrocarbon recovery methane production ethane recovery exergy analysis HYSYS

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